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David Hudson and
 Darryl Anderson

Our didgeridoos are internationally renowned and are exported to numerous countries.

The quality of our didgeridoos is top class. They are made for professionals as well as amateurs and novices who would like to master the art of playing this beautiful and unusual instrument.

Darryl Anderson crafts his didgeridoos from two local hardwood eucalyptus species: bloodwood and black mallee.

Our didgeridoos are still made in the traditional way by using specific eucalyptus trees that have been naturally hollowed out by termites. Termites nest in the trunks and branches of these trees, eating the wood from the inside out. These specific trees are carefully selected from the Australian bush for their suitability and are crafted into a beautiful didgeridoo.

The Didgeridoo Man offers a wide variety of didgeridoos.

  • Natural Series - Didgeridoos that have a clear finish that defines the natural grain and colour of the wood.
  • Painted Series - A wide variety of didgeridoos painted with beautiful Aboriginal motifs.
  • Signature Series - A range of didgeridoos painted, carved or burnt and signed by world renowned Aboriginal Artists.
  • Collectable Series - These didgeridoos are so unique they are put into a class of their own.
  • In each of the series we offer mini, small, medium, large, bell and flared didgeridoos. Got a questions? Ask it here in our forum

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    Attention international wholesalers
    The Didgeridoo Man is seeking to extend its wholesaling business through international distributors.
    We travel internationally and may be available to meet with you.

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